CLASS "A"
    in the portfolio of NEST
  • NEST
    Despite any economic
    or political downturn,
    always fulfills its obligations
    to investors
  • NEST
    Preserving the historic look of Kyiv
    while maintaining a harmonious balance
    between high-tech modernity and the city's classic antiquity
  • NEST
    Most experienced
    Real Estate development company,
    with a sterling reputation in the Ukrainian market
  • NEST
    An innovative company
    that uses advanced technologies
    in construction, equipment, and decor
  • NEST
    Sets market trends
    by creating the most successful and popular developments
    in commercial and residential real estate
  • NEST
    First in Ukraine
    to realize the concept of a «city within a city» residential complex
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Dear friends!

The success story of "NEST" began in 1997; by now we have built over 570,000 square meters of upscale business centers and residential complexes. Diligent team work of experienced professionals, concern for our customers' comfort and satisfaction, respect for preserving the ancient integrity of Kyiv – these are the core values of NEST displayed in all our completed projects. Our residential complexes and office centers are real jewels of Kiev, honored with numerous awards and prizes. They combine the best architectural elements of ancient Kyiv with the latest technology to create a superlative living and working experience.

We are proud of our mission and are optimistic about the future of Ukraine.
Vladimir Trofymenko
NEST founder
«Pokrovskiy Posad»
Land area: 1,94 hа
Total area: 114 695,72 sq.m
Number of buildings: 3
Number of floors: 23
Number of apartments: 426
Apartments area: 71,5 - 278 sq m


32 Glubochicka St.

Benefits of «Pokrovskiy Posad»:
  • Safe Historical center of Kyiv
  • Limited access territory with professional control
  • Panoramic view at Podol and Dnipro sides
  • 24/7 concierge service in each building
  • Fitness center with pool, supermarket, and all kinds of services on the territory
  • Non stop work of managing company

Land area: 3,58 hа
Total area: 130 176,6 sq.m
Number of buildings: 5
Number of floors: 17-25
Number of apartments: 888
Apartments area: 55,4-144,2 sq m


Kudryashov/Mekhanizatoriv St.

Benefits of «Seasons»:
  • Best "business class" residential complex in Solomensky district
  • Concierge service and limited access inner territory
  • Well developed infrastructure of "city within the city»
  • 27 ha park right outside the complex
  • Two stored parking for 586 cars

Land area: 2,07 hа
Total area: 95 339,7 sq.m
Number of buildings: 2
Number of floors: 13-25
Number of apartments: 603
Apartments area: 59 - 173 sq m


2 Mekhanizatoriv St.

Benefits of «Emerald»:
  • Most comfortable residential complex in Solomensky district
  • Guarded limited access inner territory
  • Fitness center with the pool, supermarkets, restaurants, shops and all kind of servises on the territory
  • 27 ha park right outside the complex
  • Spacious underground parking

«Greenville Park» (Partner project)
Land area: 2,3792 hа
Total area: 63 288 sq. m.
Number of buildings: 2
Number of floors: 25
Number of apartments: 664
Apartment area: 47 868 sq. m.


street Pimonenko, 21

Benefits of «Greenville Park»:
  • Closed area
  • Unique architecture
  • Multilevel parking
  • More than 50 plans
  • Playground
  • Barbecue area
  • Kindergartens and school
  • Lounge area on the roof
  • Unique planning
  • Animal walking area
  • Business area

«Greenville на Печерську» (Partner project)
Land area: 3,3441 hа
Total area: 129 629,48 sq. m.
Number of buildings: 3
Number of floors: 11-23
Number of apartments: 803
Apartment area: 57 118 sq. m.


Novopechersky Lane, 5

Benefits of « Greenville in Pechersk»:
  • concept of a yard without a car - for guests and visitors of the complex there is a temporary storage area for cars
  • for dog owners there will be an area for walking, as well as bathrooms for washing paws after a walk
  • Lobby on the ground floor - with concierge service, meeting area and coworking space
  • storage space for wheelchairs and bicycles
  • sports grounds for children of different ages, mini-football and basketball court

«Greenville Park Lviv» (Partner project)
Land area: 4.1175 hа
Total area: 95 339,7 sq. m.
Number of buildings: 12
Number of floors: 7-10, 3-16
Number of apartments: 1140
Apartment area: 65 041 sq. m.


st. Zamarstynovskaya, 170

Benefits of «Greenville Park Lviv»:
  • Convenient infrastructure
  • Underground parking
  • Open view terraces
  • Children's and sports grounds
  • Full-height panoramic windows provide daily sunshine in the rooms
  • Green lawns on roofs

Hillfort Business Mansion
Class «A»
The total area – 13 300 sq m
Office area – 8 550 sq m
Parking – 93 underground parking spaces
Infrastructure – banks, hotels, restaurants and the main attractions of Kiev.
Kiev, st. Mikhailovskaya, 12  
For rent: +38 044 585 4105
Business center "Renaissance"
Class «В+»
Total area – 17 100 sq m
Office area – 14 490 sq m
Land area – 1,19 hа
Parking – 112 cars
Infrastructure – restraunt, bank, travel servises
24 Vorovskogo St, Kyiv
Business-center 7 Mykhailivska St.
Class «А»
Total area – 2 013 sq m
7 Mykhailivska St, Kyiv
For rent: No vacancy
Business-center «NEST»
Class «C»
Total area – 13 414,9 sq m
Parking – 90 cars
Infrastructure – cafes, bank, supermarket, notary
Vasil Lipkivskiy St, Kyiv
For rent: +38 044 585 4105
Business-center 28 Instytutska St.
Class «B»
Total area – 2 772 sq m
Office area – 2 551,26 sq m
Parking – 63 cars
28 Instytutska St, Kyiv
For rent: +38 044 585 4105
Business-center 12B Mykhailivska St.
Class «C»
Total area – 1 417 sq m
Office area – 1 350,9 sq m
12B Mykhailivska St, Kyiv
For rent: +38 044 585 4105
Business-centers 14A,B Dimitrova St.
Two modern office buildings with areas of 625.9 sq m and 60.7 sq m respectively, occupied by various manufacturers and a trading company.
14A,B Dimitrova St, Kyiv
Business Center Eurasia (Iceberg)
Class "A"
The total area – 37,551.48 sq.m.
Office area – 27 893,34 sq.m.
Parking – 151 underground parking spaces
Infrastructure – restaurants, cafes, bank branches, ATMs.
Kyiv, st. Zhylyansʹka 75
0 years

of experience with a sterling reputation in the market

0thousand sq m

of commercial premises built and managed


tenant companies trust NEST


families have made NEST buildings home

0thousand sq m

total area of NEST residential complexes

$ 0 million

the biggest deal in Ukraine commercial real estate in 2008


New interview with NEST CEO on Forbes Ukraine
Highly Qualified Specialists, Cutting-Edge Technologies, Comprehensive Approach": Interview with R-Class Director Ivan Petyukh for Interfax.
REITER HALL: business with respect for history. Interview of Emile Solovyov for nv.ua
The Gaga restaurant opened in the NEST business center
History of NEST
Vladimir Trofimenko took part in the "E-WALLution # 3 BIM BOOM"
Project on the "Streletska street 9/11" was awarded the iBuild-2020 award!
HILLFORT Business Mansion has been put into operation!
Front of "HILLFORT Business Mansion" is complete!
HILLFORT Business Mansion - Winner of the CP Awards 2020!
NEST has been awarded the Hillfort Business Mansion Business Center Award for Best Historic Renovation Project.
Membership in business associations is a new development opportunity.
Ukraine has great potential for the development of office real estate
NEST took part in the International IT Forum 2019
Mission is possible
The progress of construction of «Hillfort Business Mansion» on Mikhailovskaya street in Kiev meets the stated deadlines
Raiding impedes development and undermines the authority of Ukraine
NEST creates a deluxe property with a unique history
The key directions of «NEST» – real estate development and maintenance
New interview with NEST CEO on Forbes Ukraine

In his new interview with Forbes Ukraine, NEST CEO Emil Solovyov spoke about responsible development, the company's operating principles, and how he envisions Kyiv in 2040. Read the full version of the article by following the link.


Highly Qualified Specialists, Cutting-Edge Technologies, Comprehensive Approach": Interview with R-Class Director Ivan Petyukh for Interfax.

Read the full version of the material on how to improve the efficiency of real estate management at link.



We are pleased to announce that our project REITER HALL was honored with the prestigious iBuild 2023 award in the nomination “Historical Environment Renovation Project” from the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine yesterday.

This award is a recognition of our philosophy, which is that we respect history, build professionally and responsibly today, and also create real estate objects that will become a real business card of the city in the future. REITER HALL will become the future hub of the city, where the past meets the future, creating a unique space for the development of the boldest ideas of many generations of Kyiv residents.

We thank the Confederation of Builders of Ukraine for the high award, as well as the project team working on the creation of REITER HALL. Together we are building the future!



NEST has now joined the Ukrainian Association of Developers , aiming to work together with the leaders of the real estate market for the joint development of the industry and the reconstruction of Ukraine, sharing new expert experience of each and spreading their own: thereby creating timeless real estate.

Ukrainian Association of Developers was established as a platform for communication between business, the expert community, the state, and local self-government bodies.

We value professionalism and build relationships based on cooperation, which will undoubtedly lead to success.



The NEST company, having gone through a rapid development path, over 26 years has established itself as a reliable developer that preserves the existing history and creates a new one under the motto "Value is timeless".

The main mission of the company is to preserve cultural heritage objects and give them a new life, while acting within the framework of the current legislation of Ukraine.

Careful work of a team of professionals, concern for the comfort and well-being of society, careful attitude to the preservation of the historical environment of Kyiv are the main values of the NEST company, implemented in all completed projects.

The NEST objects are always a sign of quality, where the architectural elements of ancient Kyiv and the most modern technologies are harmoniously combined, designed to maintain comfort at the highest level every day.

To date, there are the following completed projects:

- Business center "Eurasia" ("Iceberg") on Zhylyanska str.

- Business center on 7, Mykhailivska str.

Business center "Eurasia" ("Iceberg")
Business center on 7, Mykhailivska str.

Of particular note are the "HILLFORT Business Mansion" business center, which on December 11, 2019 received a valuable award and won the "Opening of the Year" category in the nomination "The Best Project of Historical Environment Renovation", and the "Renaissance" business center, the history of which began at the turn of two centuries - the 19th and 20th. Built in 1898, the business center today is a decoration of the city. The building is an architectural monument, and the interior of the entrance lobby successfully emphasizes its noble origin.

Business center «HILLFORT Business Mansion»
Business center "Renaissance"

Today, we are implementing a landmark project for Kyiv "REITER HALL" ("Restoration of the main facade with adaptation of the existing building to modern conditions, the demolition of courtyard buildings and the construction of a new volume in the courtyard space of the building at 37, Reitarska Str., in the Shevchenkivskyi district of the city of Kyiv").

When creating REITER HALL, the NEST team was inspired by the history of Reitarska Street and wanted to create a harmonious synthesis of the ancient building and modern technologies. Actually, we are convinced that the business center will become a desirable comfortable environment for embassies, international missions and other similar organizations, as well as a kind of magnet that will attract not only tourists, but also representatives of the business community to the center of the capital.

Business center «REITER HALL»

The NEST acquired this project in 2021 from the Austrian group of companies UNIQA. As of the date of purchase, all project documentation was approved in accordance with the procedure established by the legislation of Ukraine, and the Permit to carry out construction work No. КВ11412243239 was received on December 11, 2012.

Special attention was paid to the idea of REITER HALL, where, in addition to Ukrainian architects, the famous Swedish architectural bureau worked, because Sweden is rightly called one of the examples of modern city planning - streets, public spaces and architecture. Here they like to turn such objects into comfortable spaces for their contemporaries. And medieval castles coexist harmoniously next to masterpieces of modern architecture.

It should also be noted that the relevant Permits of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine No. 1/23.З dated 16.01.2023 and the Department of Cultural Heritage Protection of the Executive Body of the Kyiv City Council (Kyiv City State Administration) were received.

According to the Protection Agreement for the monument of cultural heritage at the address: 37-А, Reytarska Str., Kyiv and according to the Order of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine No. 416/0/16-11 dated June 6, 2011, the building of the Kyiv County Zemstvo at 37A, Reitarska Str. in Kyiv, is included in the State Register of Immovable Monuments of Ukraine as a monument of architecture and history under the category of local importance (security number 644-Кв). According to the specified Order of the Ministry of Culture, the outbuilding 37A' and outbuilding of the manor house B on the Reitarska street were recognized as not subject to inclusion in the State Register of Immovable Monuments of Ukraine, as they do not meet the criteria defined by the current legislation of Ukraine.

The property complex, as stated above, consisted of three buildings: - building 37A - an architectural monument., - building 37A' (yard outbuilding), and outbuilding 37B (it was dismantled by the previous owner in 2015, as an emergency within the framework of the implementation of the Project).

As of today, the NEST is performing work in accordance with the approved and repeatedly quality-checked project, which provides for the replacement of two nonfunctional courtyard buildings with a harmonious one, and from the point of view of technology, innovation and energy efficiency – a unique building. We emphasize that all planned changes are made exclusively taking into account the legislation in force in Ukraine and urban planning restrictions. We are sure that this transformation will become the pride of the city.

At the same time, a purposeful information attack by "pseudo-activists" is actively being carried out around the "REITER HALL" project, who, in our opinion, under the guise of caring for cultural heritage, misinform citizens and local authorities in order to put pressure on business and realize their personal goals.

The actions of the above-mentioned persons directly hinder us in the implementation of the "REITER HALL" project, with their protests and the dissemination of false information about the status of the building (this is what Wing 37A' currently looks like, as shown in the picture on the right), which leads to systemic damage for the state, since the legitimacy of the documents they provide is called into question, and also for the city, since such actions result in neglected buildings, which make them unprofitable for any international or local investment and, in general, for the real estate market, which should to actively function rather than fight arbitrariness.

The NEST company honors the cultural and historical heritage of the state, and also strives to fully reproduce the close interaction and synergy of modernity and antiquity and to give new life to historical buildings.


While the Ukrainian army is waiting for Germany to supply air defense systems and armored vehicles to accelerate the Great Victory, we are engaging German companies to support and restore Ukraine's economy.
For example, NEST and Baywobau Invest signed a Memorandum of Cooperation, so we have a joint plan for a long-term partnership in the field of development. Together with our German partner, we will invest in the construction of residential and mixed-use complexes in Ukraine. Our plans are designed for a long-term perspective over several years.

"We have to use every chance to revitalize the economy, wounded by thousands of problems. And our memorandum with Baywobau Invest shows the feasibility of cooperation with foreign partners, despite all the war risks. We have learned to live one day ahead, and "tomorrow" has become an abstract term. However, only by thinking about the future and investing in it now we can bring the Victory closer and return to a peaceful life," said Emil Solovyov, CEO of NEST.

Investments, especially such significant ones, in wartime are not just crucial support for Ukrainian business. It is a demonstration of a powerful German partner's faith in our Victory, a real contribution to the beginning of the reconstruction of Ukraine as we see it in our dreams. We hope that our joint step with Baywobau Invest will become a seed that will add weight in favor of similar decisions by other foreign investors and Ukrainian businesses.

The fact that the Memorandum is based on the firm intentions of long-term cooperation is also evidenced by the long history of Baywobau Invest. The company has been operating in the German market for over 55 years and is proud of its projects in Berlin, Munich, Leipzig, and Dresden. The company's philosophy is that "concrete gold" has no expiration date, and real estate is one of the most reliable investments. The legendary German quality starts at the stage of choosing a location for future construction and ends with the quality of life in a new building. This is the quality that Ukrainians have earned during the war.

Searching for and attracting international partners willing to invest in Ukraine even during martial law should be a priority for conscious Ukrainian businesses. Therefore, NEST will continue to work on unlocking the investment potential of the new Ukraine for foreign companies.


On July 27, a public hearing was held in the Center of the Ukrainian Society for the Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments (UTOPIK) concerning the project “Restoration of the main facade and adaptation of the existing building to modern conditions, with the demolition of the courtyard buildings and the construction of a new volume in the courtyard of the building at the address 37 Reitarska St. in the Shevchenkivsky District of Kyiv”.

Public discussions are an effective tool to identify urgent challenges that always are faced during construction, especially in the historic part of the city. The project was presented by the NEST speakers, the event was also attended by cultural heritage preservation experts, representatives of the Kyiv City State Administration, media, public organizations, and active residents of Reitarska Street. The purpose of the meeting was the public presentation of the REITER HALL class A business center, receiving comments from historical heritage preservation specialists, and also avoiding distortion of the facts about the project.

“Our vision is to set the highest standards of work on the revitalization of historic buildings. As a responsible developer, we understand the importance of observance of all procedures during the work with architectural heritage, and public discussions are one of the essential elements of this process. We are also ready to show that we are open and ready for a dialogue with the public and the professional community. We have noticed that a lot of misinformation is spreading around the REITER HALL project, so it is crucial for us to present the project and convey to the public that we are working exclusively in accordance with the applicable laws, as well as to assure that the historical building, which has a proven value, will be preserved. Working with historical heritage requires a combination of experience, multifaceted expertise and great responsibility, which we are ready to show,” says the CEO of the company Mr. Emil Soloviov. In the end of the meeting, a conclusion was received from UTOPIK that the considered project complies with the norms of the applicable laws in the field of cultural heritage preservation, and recommendations were given regarding the revision of the project documents. We are developing the revitalization project in detail and understand the appropriateness of the recommendations provided by UTOPIK. We can also guarantee compliance with the requirements of the applicable laws.

Our company is ready for the further dialogue with the community and can assure of the proper quality of all works, including prevention of any possible destruction and damage to neighboring buildings.

The extract from the minutes of the meeting of the Expert Urban Planning Council at the Kyiv City Center of the NGO Ukrainian Society for the Protection of Historical and Cultural Monuments can be found at https://cutt.ly/LwsMRyvs




Our company acted as a partner of the 3rd INTERNATIONAL BIM FORUM: GLOBAL REBUILD INITIATIVES event, held at the initiative of The WALL - Ukraine and the EU BIM Task Group. Digitalization tools in the field of development are already able today to significantly reduce risks, improve the quality of projects, and optimize the terms of their implementation. The implementation of BIM technology in the design of new real estate is a global trend in the industry, which the NEST team actively supports and uses in its work.

We thank the organizers for an interesting discussion about the digitalization of the construction industry and the prospects for the post-war recovery of Ukraine directly with representatives of the international community. Let's move forward together!



REITER HALL: business with respect for history. Interview of Emile Solovyov for nv.ua

In his new interview, the CEO of "NEST" talked about the new REITER HALL business center, the synergy of history and modernity as the company's philosophy, as well as the developer's participation in the development of city infrastructure.

Full version of the interview - at the link: https://english.nv.ua/business/what-is-being-built-on-reitarska-bc-reiter-hall-will-develop-infrastructure-seo-nest-50331853.html



The Gaga restaurant opened in the NEST business center

🍽 Friends, we are pleased to announce that a Georgian cuisine restaurant called Gaga has opened on the premises of the "NEST" business center (45 Lypkivskoho Street)! 🎉

Gaga is the perfect place to taste the most delicious Georgian dishes, prepared according to traditional recipes, and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of Georgian hospitality! Fragrant khinkali, tasty khachapuri, and unforgettable meat dishes are already waiting for you!

We invite tenants and guests of our business center to visit Gaga restaurant and experience the true taste of Georgia!




From October 4 to 6, the largest international real estate exhibition "EXPO REAL 2022" was held in Munich, where a separate stand of Ukraine was presented for the first time. Our company, as part of the Ukrainian delegation, which was represented by commercial director Illya Velychko, took part in a panel discussion and presented to the international business community the architectural concept of a town for displaced people who lost their homes due to Russian aggression. By uniting, Ukrainian business became a true ambassador of our country, introduced international investors to our extraordinary challenges and urged them to join in the reconstruction of Ukraine.



NEST representatives visited EXPO 2020 Dubai

Last week, NEST representatives visited the largest international exhibition - EXPO 2020 Dubai. Our team is inspired by the fantastic architecture of Dubai, innovative solutions presented by the world's leading countries and is ready in the near future to implement the best international experience in new Kyiv projects of the deluxe segment and Class A business centers.



History of NEST

For more than 20 years, NEST has been creating iconic real estate objects for Kyiv. We are proud of our story and share it with you in this video



Vladimir Trofimenko took part in the "E-WALLution # 3 BIM BOOM"

Last week, Volodymyr Trofymenko, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of NEST, took part as a special guest in the "E-WALLution # 3 BIM BOOM" event, which was organized by The WALL.

During a meeting with market experts, mr. Trofymenko shared a strategic vision for the development of the NEST company, spoke about the specifics of "collection real estate" and assessed the development prospects of this segment.


Project on the "Streletska street 9/11" was awarded the iBuild-2020 award!

"NEST" once again confirmed the status of the company that cares about the preservation of the historic environment - today our "Project for the regeneration of the historic environment of the quarter with the reconstruction of existing buildings for housing and communal services at: intersection of Streletskaya Street and St. George's Lane, 9/11 was awarded the iBuild 2020 All-Ukrainian Construction Award in the nomination "For Preservation of Historical Heritage in a Residential Complex Project"!

We are proud of the professional team of the project and continue to change Kyiv for the better!


HILLFORT Business Mansion has been put into operation!

We officially declare that the class "A” business center - "HILLFORT Business Mansion" at st. Mikhailovskaya, 12 put into operation! Congratulations to all, our city has acquired a wonderful piece of architecture, which will decorate the central street of Kyiv! We thank everyone who helped us implement this project! Once again the “NEST” company has proved its professionalism in the field of construction and reconstruction of buildings in the historic city center.

Front of "HILLFORT Business Mansion" is complete!

By creating the HIILLFORT Business Mansion, NEST strives to make the business center not only modern and      functional, but also in a way that harmoniously complements the historical environment of the central part of Kiev.      That is why the facade of the HIILLFORT Business Mansion was designed in the architectural style of 19th century Kiev. As it happened      the process of creating it - see timelapse video.

The key directions of «NEST» – real estate development and maintenance

The "NEST" company for more than twenty years holds a leading position in the real estate market of Ukraine. Over the long years of activity, she has gained a reputation as a reliable and stable developer. And in the next few years, NEST plans to continue active development and gaining new positions in two key areas - development and operation of real estate.

Currently, the company’s portfolio includes business centers and residential complexes with a total area of ​​570,000 m2. Over the next 3-5 years, NEST will continue the active development of real estate development, as a result of which the company's project area will increase due to the commissioning of new A-class office real estate and deluxe-class housing. Among the company's projects is the restoration of ancient buildings on the street. Pushkinskaya in Kiev - "Michelson's Estate" and the creation on their base of residential apartments of elite real estate with a total area of ​​about 12,000 m2.

At the joint NEST sites, together with Greenville, they are implementing 2 multifunctional residential complexes - Greenville Park Kiev and Greenville in Pechersk, each with 100,000 m2. Also, in the coming years, a residential complex in Lviv will be jointly commissioned.

The office real estate objects created by the company include a class A business center with a total area of ​​14,000 m2 located in the historical part of Kiev. In addition, in the next few years, the project of revitalizing the Gamma enterprise into a major cultural and technological hub in Zaporizhia will be fully implemented.

“In addition to the construction of new office buildings, the plans include the reconstruction of all dilapidated objects and the refinement of the territory of the former factory,” said Ilya Velichko, Chief Commercial Officer of NEST.

The second key direction of the company's development for the coming years is the operation of real estate. Currently, NEST includes several entities involved in servicing their own projects. Two companies “Zhitlo comfort service” and “Status” serve more than 2000 apartments in the business class of the premium segment of residential real estate. In addition, "NEST" provides the operation of another 100 apartments for the company "Geos".

For many years now, the NEST Plus management company has been successfully operating in the office real estate segment, which is engaged in servicing its own office centers. According to Ilya Velichko, the company is interested in further developing the business of operating premium residential and office real estate, therefore, it intends to increase the amount of space under management. “We have everything for this: experience, material and technical base and a staff of highly qualified specialists,” the head emphasized.

NEST creates a deluxe property with a unique history

In the coming years, in the heart of the Ukrainian capital will appear about 20,000 m2 of luxury residential real estate in the historical part of the city. New unique residential apartments will be created by NEST after the completion of the ambitious restoration project of the Michelson Manor on Pushkinskaya street. The estate, which was built over a hundred years ago by a well-known businessman and developer of that time, will be restored and converted into deluxe-class residential real estate.

The "NEST" company, having in its portfolio many iconic projects, in particular, recreated from photographs and archival drawings of business center "Renaissance" on the Vorovskogo street wants to give Kiev residents and guests of the capital the opportunity to admire the Michelson Manor in the form in which it was conceived by the legendary architect Viktor Sychugov in the distant 1884. Given that the house was built according to all the canons of the Neo-Renaissance, so popular among the metropolitan architects of that time, the city will receive a truly aesthetically attractive object. And behind the authentic facade, the company intends to create ultra-modern deluxe-class housing for potential investors: with the appropriate internal infrastructure, communication solutions, smart house format technologies, its own service department and a park area in the courtyard. Also, for the first time for the capital real estate market of the deluxe category, all apartments for sale will be offered already with a repair, which will be carried out by leading European design bureaus. "Michelson's Manor" on the 35-37 Pushkinskaya street meets the key needs of buyers who are interested in buying not just square meters, but unique apartments, saturated with the spirit of the history of the great city. Even for its time, the estate was special. It’s not in vain that Friedrich Mikhelson himself, who initiated the creation of many houses in the central part of Kiev, chose this particular mansion for his own family,” emphasizes the advantages of the project Ilya Velichko, Commercial Director of NEST.

The exceptional location in the center of Kiev, the one and a half century history of the building and high comfort combined with technological effectiveness make this project outstanding among all residential real estate in Ukraine. In fact, we are talking about the house that the aristocrats of the century before last bestowed upon the aristocrats of the present century.” The company is confident in the success of the project. Since there are not so many truly conceptual breakthroughs in residential real estate, including in the luxury segment. From this point of view, the Michelson Manor stands out uniquely from other offers and will become a landmark project for the entire industry. Currently, the "NEST" company at the facility is undergoing preparatory work. Moreover, each of the steps, thanks to the transparent office methodology, is coordinated with the residents of the quarter between Pushkinskaya, Lev Tolstoy, Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya and Taras Shevchenko Streets. The active stage of restoration will begin next year, and the commissioning of the project is scheduled for 2022-2023

The progress of construction of «Hillfort Business Mansion» on Mikhailovskaya street in Kiev meets the stated deadlines

Currently, «NEST» is actively building «A» сlass business center with a total area of about 13,000 m2 on 12Mikhailovskaya street. The new facility is located in the heart of Kiev and will become another decoration of the city, since the architecture of the facade of the building will be made in the historical style of the capital of Ukraine.

Following the wise saying “it’s better to see once than hear a hundred times”, we decided to visit the construction site of the new business center. Plot on the Mikhailovskaya street met with the classic noise of a construction site: the sounds of a drill and welding, the roar of a punch, the sound of metal and the hum of motors. Even at the entrance to the construction site, it becomes clear that life at the facility is in full swing - you can see cranes, cars, construction equipment and many workers. Currently, a three-level underground parking is fully prepared. And in the ground part up to the 6th floor, a monolithic reinforced concrete frame of the building is made. At the same time, high-rise builders intensively fill the frame of the next floor. In addition, from the 1st to the 3rd floor, brickwork of the internal and external walls is carried out. Also, the facility made connections to city water supply and sewerage networks, preparations are underway for connection to city heating networks. In parallel, engineering communications are being carried out.

According to Ilya Velichko, commercial director of the «NEST» company, already at the end of this month, interior finishing work will begin in the three-level underground parking. “In early аugust of this year, the construction of a monolithic frame of the building will be completely completed and roofing work will begin. All construction work will be fully completed in March 2020 according to the schedule,” the manager concluded.

Raiding impedes development and undermines the authority of Ukraine

In recent years, raiding as a forceful method of influencing a business has complicated the work of many construction companies. Despite calls for legal negotiations, the actions of raiders or so-called activists not only impede the development of domestic enterprises, but also undermine the authority of Ukraine at the international level. The NEST company, occupying a leading position in the construction market, also faced raider seizures of its facilities. Alexey Poletukha, CEO of NEST, spoke about ways to combat illegal actions disguised as attacks by activists.

When and how did the company face raiding?

Over the past years, we, like most metropolitan developers, have come across such a negative phenomenon as raiding. Often it is expressed in a targeted attack on a business or on a construction site in order to obtain undue profit by the people who are behind the raiders. And, unfortunately, recently such situations have become much more frequent. At the same time, the raiders disguise themselves under various “masks”: civic activists, participants in Euromaidan, “fighters” for the interests of residents of the quarter, and the like. Unfortunately, there are a lot of “masks”, but one essence is the desire to get profit by any means and block the work of construction companies. Moreover, in recent years, raiding has become a kind of shadow business, which is actively developing in Ukraine.

What is the negative impact of raiding on companies and the market as a whole?

First of all, in such a situation, the construction business is forced to develop not planned. In addition, from a transparent management system, construction seems to go into the “shadow”, since developers are forced to negotiate, give bribes, which leads to corruption. And instead of legally working and making the city beautiful, it is necessary to divert the resource to creating contractual relations that bring only evil. For the resources spent on bribes, it would be possible to improve the territories, parking lots and infrastructure. What methods do raiders choose to influence the business? The first method is based on an appeal to the deputies with whom they are associated. The second way to influence is to organize demonstrations with paid participants who go to the construction site and block construction work. Another method is based on the creation of various "attacks" on developers in the press. As you can see, the complex of these measures shows that the raiders are professionally trained, have the legal skills and ability to organize paid mass shares. Unfortunately, we see examples of such attacks on business on almost all construction sites where people come to extort money. Therefore, in fact, raiders are extortionists who must be in prison. However, sometimes law enforcement agencies take their side. And this is the most dangerous, since in this case the enterprise’s activity is 100% blocked. Sometimes officials themselves become raiders, who block the issuance and approval of documentation without paying bribes. In other words, the presence of a clear urban development policy will allow developers to receive documents and safely go to their construction sites as part of the overall development policy of the city.

What effective mechanisms has NEST developed to deal with this phenomenon?

Like most developers, we faced various raider attacks. For example, at our facility on the Pushkinskaya street is a local raider who constantly attacks us with letters, appeals to law enforcement agencies, etc. Over the past few years several inspections and a criminal case have been initiated at his request, which was closed due to the lack of structure crime. Nevertheless, this man continues to write deliberate lies and slander, trying to make himself a “fighter” for the interests of the residents of the quarter, although no residents stand behind him. This is one of the manifestations of raiding. So-called activists who tried to damage the equipment and remove it went to other sites. In this case, the only honest way to fight is to contact the police and the availability of documents to start construction. Of course, we had all the documents, respectively, all the raider attacks were repelled without complaints from state bodies and public organizations. In principle, it is the state that should be the only body that verifies the legality of construction. And if the company operates within the framework of the legislative and construction framework, has all the permits, it should not have any problems. At the same time, of course, a clear interaction between the legal and security services should be established within companies. Thus, their well-coordinated work is a mechanism for combating and preventing raider attacks.

What needs to be changed in the market for the disappearance of raiding in Ukraine?

Frankly speaking, if the raiders did not have patrons in power and they were not indulged by some corrupt officials, the problems that we see today would never have arisen. And now, first of all, it is necessary that the police clearly respond and suppress all cases and attempts of raiding. To do this, there should be an increase in state power and the work of the law enforcement system regarding the protection of business, not “activists”. And the police and prosecutors are obliged to defend a business that provides jobs and pays taxes

Mission is possible

Kiev is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, because over the course of fourteen centuries it has formed a unique and unique look. The city is rich in monuments of church and civil architecture. Many buildings in the central part of the metropolis constitute an ensemble of unique architectural solutions and are classified as World Cultural Heritage Sites. However, unlike European cities, buildings in Kiev that have historical value are often in abandoned condition. According to experts, restoration and restoration requires more than 150 buildings in Kiev, dating from the middle of the XVIII to the beginning of the XX century. The "NEST" company is one of the few with practical experience in applying modern technologies for the restoration of architectural monuments that enhance the structural, operational qualities and durability of historical objects. Ilya Velichko, Commercial Director of «NEST», told how architectural monuments can be preserved and converted into high-tech facilities.

What, in your opinion, is the architectural heritage of the capital of Ukraine?

Kiev has its own unique look, since more than 30 architectural styles of various eras form its architectural phenomenon. Absolutely authentic architecture of Kiev is strikingly different from any other cities of the tsarist era. This is due to the fact that it was formed in the XVIII-XIX centuries, in the so-called heyday of Kiev. Therefore, merchants and mayors of that time could afford the rich decoration of buildings. In addition, the development of any city is closely connected with historical events, time periods, the economy, the influence of other cultures, and Kiev was no exception. The city on the slopes of the Dnieper has always united various nationalities and religions, all of which are also reflected in architecture. As a result, the heritage of Kiev is very diverse. In this city you can admire the architecture of Kievan Rus and Byzantium, the Doric and Moorish styles, the Renaissance, Baroque, Gothic, modern, constructivism, as well as examples of Soviet and post-Soviet architecture. And, despite the fact that many buildings have been lost over time, now existing ones are deservedly assigned to the objects of world cultural heritage. You said that some of the architectural monuments are lost. Why did this happen? There are many reasons for this, among which the main one is outdated legislation, which does not allow creating a fully new building in the old guise. Therefore, problems arise during the restoration of architectural objects. For example, in some foreign countries, you can leave the facade wall, which carries the main architectural heritage and a visual message for a person. At the same time, the inside of the building can be built completely new. Then, taking into account modern technologies, it is absolutely possible to create a monolithic-frame part and attach it to the saved facade. Thus, we preserve the architectural monument, transforming it into a high-tech building. Such an object, having modern engineering and maintenance, will not only be interesting to a future resident, but will continue to delight the eyes of all residents and guests of the capital. However, while in our country it is necessary to leave the old internal walls and the old layout, which does not allow for efficient engineering and comfortable interior spaces that meet the requirements of the client. This applies to both residential and commercial real estate. Although this problem is more acute in office buildings, because today people are accustomed to cold rooms, certain lighting standards and the depth of spaces. Thus, it is practically impossible to make high-quality office premises out of the buildings of the tsarist era.

However, the NEST company has experience in the reconstruction of the Renaissance business center. How did you manage to restore the old building?

Yes, we have a great example of the adaptation of an industrial building of the Soviet era from which the Renaissance business center was created. It used to be the first commercial school. The building was built in 1897 by the architect and engineer G.P. Shleifer. And already in 1920-1923, a superstructure was made in it. Until 1903, it housed classrooms and faculties of the Polytechnic Institute. Frankly, in the process of its restoration we faced a lot of difficulties. Firstly, from a purely economic point of view, reconstruction was very expensive. At the end of the work, we considered that we could build two buildings for the same budget. In addition, due to the fact that the buildings had a very wide inner wall with a thickness of one meter, later we had constant conflicts with tenants, because they complained about the incorrect calculation of the rented area. In other words, the need to leave thick exterior walls often makes it impossible to restore the object and build a modern building inside the old shell. However, despite all the difficulties, we managed to make a Class B business center with a building management system, ventilation and air conditioning. To do this, everything was cleaned inside, a reinforced concrete ceiling was completely made around the perimeter, the facade was put in perfect condition, and the whole territory was landscaped. We are glad that today people work there with pleasure.

In addition to the architectural part of historical buildings, in your opinion, what else is worth paying attention to?

Of course, it is very important to maintain the identity and uniqueness of buildings. For example, we still do not have a culture of painting facades, which exists in the same Prague, where the central streets are completely restored and the facades are painted in the same style. Alas, no one has yet followed this practice in Kiev. Let's say in our business center on the Mikhailovskaya street, 12 in Kiev, which we are now building in historical style, the first floors of the facade are made in green. However, if you look at the whole street, you will see that it is very colorful: on the one hand, completely orange, and on the other - green. Therefore, it is necessary that the city hall centrally restore the facades and monitor compliance with uniform color schemes. In addition, it is advisable to introduce new faster and more reliable technologies for the restoration of architectural monuments. Then the mission to restore and transform architectural monuments into high-tech facilities will become an honor for each construction company, and most importantly - feasible.

NEST took part in the International IT Forum 2019

The NEST company took an active part in the International IT Forum 2019, which was held in Zaporozhye at the Kozak-Palace exhibition complex. Within the framework of the Forum, an innovative project for revitalizing the former plant, Gamma, was presented to participants and guests of the event. The stand aroused keen interest of investors and representatives of IT companies who appreciated the unique location and concept of the project in the context of the placement of commercial premises on the territory of the Gamma Center. The revitalization of the old Gamma in Zaporozhye is of great importance for the city and its residents, since a modern space of more than 46,000 m2 is being created on the site of industrial territories. The developers of the Gamma project concept are the well-known architectural company FORMA Architectural Studio. Another partner of NEST in this project is the KOTSIUBA Landscape Architecture Studio. Specialists of the studio, headed by Maxim Kotsyuba, are actively developing the atmosphere of the internal space as part of work on the revitalization of the former industrial zone. The updated and improved courtyard with a unique landscape design will be freely available for all residents and guests of Zaporozhye. As a result of the comprehensive work of the Gamma Center, it will not only decorate, but also revive the city, adding to it a new active street with commercial areas, which will be a continuation of the city’s existing trade artery. This innovative project provides for the creation of such functional areas for the development of the urban environment as office, retail, training and wellness facilities. “Within 3 years, a place will be created on the territory of the plant not only for comfortable working conditions, but also for leisure guests of Zaporozhye,” Ilya Velichko, commercial director of NEST, emphasized during the event. “Coworking, educational centers, sports and health clubs, food courts, shopping areas, shops, movie clubs, supermarkets and a hotel will be located here.”

Ukraine has great potential for the development of office real estate

October 17, 2019 a round table was held on the topic "Office real estate in Kiev: a paradigm shift." Ilya Velichko, Commercial Director of NEST, took an active part in this event. During the discussion of the situation on the office real estate market, the head noted that the rate of provision of office space in Kiev is significantly lower compared to other European cities. At the same time, an increase in demand from tenants, a decrease in vacancy and an increase in rents indicate the potential of this market segment and the prospects for its development.
During the round table, organized by the B2B edition of Commercial Property, market experts evaluated the qualitative and quantitative indicators of the Ukrainian market of business centers. According to analysts, currently in Kiev, the supply of office space is about 0.4 m2 per person, while, for example, in Warsaw this figure is 1.4 m2. “In other words, the availability of office space in Ukraine is one of the lowest in Europe, even Kiev is significantly behind other European cities,” Ilya Velichko emphasized. At the same time, according to the results of the current year, the average vacancy rate in Kiev decreased to 6.2%. This is due to the fact that for several consecutive years the offer of new business centers on the market was minimal, and those premises that were commissioned were absorbed relatively quickly due to the development of the IT industry in Ukraine and the activities of outsourcing companies. At the same time, as the head noted, the leaders in popularity among tenants are high-quality class A business centers located in the central areas of the capital that meet such requirements as a well-thought-out concept, the presence of a large parking lot, excellent views, modern engineering systems, etc. “Proof of this is the demand from tenants for our Hillfort Business Mansion class A on the street. Mikhailovskaya, 12, which is in the active phase of construction. In 2020, we plan to commission the facility, but now we are signing precontracts,” Ilya Velichko said.
Thus, this year's trends in the office real estate market of Kiev confirm a paradigm shift and demonstrate a shift in emphasis from the tenant market to the market of business center owners. Against this background, developers are intensifying their activity - they are completing frozen projects or planning to commission new modern facilities. However, as the head of NEST notes, despite the fact that there are currently a large number of land plots for the development of office centers, a shortage of funds and difficulties in attracting borrowed capital remain a limiting factor in the market.

Membership in business associations is a new development opportunity.

Participation in international business communities, without a doubt, opens up additional opportunities for Ukrainian companies in the context of active business interaction and cooperation, promoting their services both within the country and abroad, and contributes to the integration of domestic companies in world business. Therefore, the company "NEST" in October this year became a member of the European Business Association EBA. In total, according to official figures, this association currently includes about a dozen Ukrainian companies involved in construction and development. EBA, founded in 1999 with the support of the European Commission in Ukraine, is one of the largest business communities in the country. During its activity, the association has become the most influential and numerous association of companies from various business areas.

Based on this, as noted by Ilya Velichko, NEST Commercial Director, membership in the EBA is one of the levers that will help the company continue its active development. “By joining the association, we will be able to expand business contacts, as well as gain opportunities for the development of employees and the business as a whole,” Ilya Velichko emphasized. In particular, as part of its membership in EBA, NEST will receive the following benefits: protecting the interests of the company's business, the ability to attend business meetings and open committees - tax, customs, regulatory, social, HR, marketing and communications, the potential for the development of company employees and etc.

NEST has been awarded the Hillfort Business Mansion Business Center Award for Best Historic Renovation Project.

When you create something really high quality and unique - the reward will not wait long!

Friends, we are in a hurry to share with you the joy: December 11, 2019, the VII Main All-Ukrainian Construction Award "Ibuild 2019" was held at the Premier Palace Hotel. The event featured the best representatives of the construction industry in Ukraine. It is extremely pleasing that we are among the winners!

NEST has received a valuable award for its exclusive project - Hillfort Business Mansion won the Opening of the Year category in the Best Historic Renovation Project category.

For us, this award is not just a high distinction, but above all it is a testament to the professionalism of a team of experienced architects and creative designers who dedicatedly and concisely worked on the Hillfort Business Mansion project, which were able to create a unique new format business center. Such victories motivate us to move forward, improve ourselves, and reach new heights.

HILLFORT Business Mansion - Winner of the CP Awards 2020!

On February 28, at the Hilton Kyiv Hotel, the CP AWARDS 2020 National Real Estate Award ceremony took place, where Hillfort Business Center from the NEST developer won the Commercial Real Estate Project Business Center nomination.

We are very pleased that the independent jury commended the HILLFORT Business Mansion and thank the large and professional team working on the project!

Supervisory Board
Ihor Gryniv
Ihor Gryniv
Ukrainian scientist, sociologist, politician.

People's Deputy of Ukraine for five terms (1990-2018). Head and strategist of the Presidential election campaigns of Viktor Yushchenko and Petro Poroshenko. One of the founders of the Institute of Strategic Research and Forecasting ("Janus" Institute). Honorary Professor of Lanzhou University (China).

Born on March 10, 1961 in Lviv. Graduated from the chemistry faculty of Lviv State University named after Ivan Franko (1983), training courses for diplomatic personnel of the Kyiv Institute of International Relations (1992), Law Faculty of the Kyiv National University (1995).

Since 1987, he took an active part in the social and political life of Ukraine. In 1988, he headed one of the first public democratic organizations "The Lion Society", one of the organizers of the People's Movement of Ukraine, a member of the Great Council of the Movement (1989). In 1990, he was elected to the Parliament for the first time. He held various positions in state bodies: Director of the National Institute of Strategic Studies, Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration, Head of the BPP parliamentary faction.

Since 2019, he has retired from active political life and is engaged in research and teaching work. Interests include sociology and strategy.

Married to Oksana Hryniv since 1982. Daughter Maria (born in 1984) and son Roman-Danilo (born in 1993).

Collects paintings by Lviv masters of the twentieth century, ancient icons and books.

Ihor Gut
Ihor Gut

Co-founder of the Swedish project DYB [Develop Your Business] in Ukraine.

Since 2006, together with Swedish partners, he has been developing and increasing the capitalization of Ukrainian growing companies.

Facilitates visits to SCANIA, IKEA, Ericsson and others.

Ihor is a board member of the International Renaissance Foundation, founded by George Soros as part of the Open Society Foundations [OSF].

For 15 years, he has been a member of the boards of companies from various industries and helps to strengthen their competitiveness.

He is a member of the National Register of Corporate Directors of the Professional Association of Corporate Management [CPGM].

He defended his thesis on behavioral economics (PhD).

He is a columnist and contributor to Forbes Ukraine, the author of NV and League.

Member of the Nestoriv Group (an independent association of intellectuals with the aim of creating a vision of Ukraine 2025).

Inna Yanakayeva
Inna Yanakayeva

Inna started her career in the banking sector, where she worked for many years as a deputy chairman of the board in various banks.

For eight years, she held the positions of CFO and CEO of the national market leader of the movie rental company Multiplex, where she managed the processes of opening almost two dozen cinemas, took part in the development of the country's film industry and developed business processes of network management.

Currently, Inna manages a large project in the field of green energy and participates in several new startups.

Education: higher economics, Odesa National University of Economics.

Goal in the board:
Use own dream and experience to help transform NEST into the "Company of the Future", which will be able to create unique development products that will go down in the history of modern architecture and possibly be proud of them years from now.

Oleksandr Pochkun
Oleksandr Pochkun
Founder and managing partner of the Baker Tilly company in Ukraine, a member of the Baker Tilly International network.

More than 23 years of experience in providing audit services, project management, legal expertise, tax and financial consulting.

Oleksandr has professional experience in the following areas: business development, agriculture, natural resources, real estate, retail.

Professional/social and international activities:

  • Member of the board of the Ukrainian Club of Agricultural Business.
  • Chairman of the Board of the Eastern Europe Fund.
  • Vice-president, member of the Board of Directors, head of the financial committee of the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs.
  • Member of Agroxy's advisory board.
  • Member of the Government and Not for Profit Committee of Baker Tilly International.

Since 2018, he has been included in the National Register of Corporate Directors.

Goals in the board:
Thanks to my many years of strong and consistent public position, professional experience and skills in the field of corporate governance, I can be useful to NEST.
This is an interesting industry, with which it is interesting to work professionally and to help build a high-quality and stable financial system that protects the rights of shareholders and positively affects the development of the industry and society.

Ihor Savkin
Ihor Savkin
Сorporate secretary

He has been working at NEST since its foundation, helping the company to create and develop the activities of its management bodies and is already part of the company's institutional memory ☺.

Ihor has extensive experience and expertise in the field of financial business management, but a two-year "creative business trip" to state authorities (the position of personal assistant to the Minister of Finance of Ukraine) turned his career towards corporate management.

In 2019, Ihor with the MULTIPLEX company case became the winner of the annual national competition "Corporate Secretary of the Year" (conducted by the Professional Association of Corporate Management of Ukraine), in the final of which a colleague from DTEK, the National Depository of Ukraine and Privatbank won.

  • Two higher economic educations: accounting and auditing, Zaporizhia State University, 1996, and organization management, Kyiv Institute of Investment Management, 2004;
  • "Corporate Secretary" certificate, International Business Institute, 2007, and "Corporate Director" certificate, 2020 Ukrainian Institute of Corporate Management.

Goal in the board:
«I want to help owners, board members and management to create personal relationships based on formal (only necessary!) and informal procedures that will allow to obtain maximum efficiency from each person involved in the management of the company, which must necessarily lead to an increase in the value of the business as a whole.
I aspire to win once again in the national contest "Corporate Secretary of the Year", but I am already presenting the successes of NEST in building an effective corporate management system that will optimally respond to the challenges of the times»

Emil Soloviov
Emil Soloviov
In August 2022 Emil Soloviov took the position of CEO of NEST and joined the company's supervisory board.

Emil Anatolyevich is an experienced top manager with more than 15 years of experience in senior positions in the field of development, many significant residential and commercial real estate projects have been created under his leadership.

Goal in the board:

  • Accept ambitious challenges to create a new real estate segment for the city, combining the best European approaches to building quality standards and preserving the historical environment of Kyiv.
  • Mr Soloviov sees another important task for the company's participation in the restoration of housing and infrastructure in Ukraine, which were destroyed as a result of Russian aggression, so that tens of thousands of internally displaced Ukrainians could live in a comfortable environment.

Volodymyr Trofymenko
Volodymyr Trofymenko
One of the founders of the Company.

Volodymyr is an experienced businessman who has many successful projects, one of which is the MULTIPLEX cinema chain, which is the national leader of film distribution in Ukraine.

Education: graduated from Kharkiv Aviation Institute in 1987.

Goals in the board:
Creation of a modern company that is a leader in Ukraine, primarily in Kyiv, in the development of unique architectural concepts and implementation of projects in the Premium segment:

  • The company, which involves the best world practices and technologies in the design and construction of premium-class objects, has unique competitive advantages.
  • A company with a professional team that successfully implements this vision.


"NEST" Business Center
45 Vasil Lipkivskiy St.
Kiev, Ukraine, 03035

+380 44 585 41 01, +380 44 585 41 02


Our location on the map
New projects

The "NEST" company has been maintaining its reputation as a reliable and stable company for many years.

Having residential complexes and business centers in its rating, the developer contributes to the preservation and development of the architecture of the historical center of Kyiv.

For more than 20 years, "NEST" has implemented such significant projects for the city: the Renaissance business center on Bulvarno-Kudryavskaya st., Eurasia (Iceberg) on Zhilyanskaya st., the "HILLFORT Business Mansion" business center on Mikhailovskaya 12 st., a business center on Mikhailovskaya, 7 st. and other projects confirming the professionalism and reliable reputation of the company. Today, "NEST" is working on the implementation of several landmark projects for Kyiv. All of them are located in the historical part of Kyiv and have a special history.

Проект реставрації «Садиби Міхельсона»
The project for the regeneration of the historical environment of the quarter with the reconstruction of the existing building for a complex of housing and civil purposes
Land area:
0,22 ha
Total area:
4 025 sq m
Number of buildings:
Number of floors:
Number of apartments:
st. Streletskaya / lane. Georgievsky 9/11
Benefits project:
Proximity to the National Reserve "Sophia Kievskaya".
Terraces with a unique view of St. Sophia Kievskaya.
Quiet green, historical center of Kiev.
Developed social infrastructure.
Premium engineering equipment, autonomous heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.
Infrastructure: parking, lobby, concierge service 24/7, security 24/7.
Proximity to the business center - the ability to work close to home.
Combination of the uniqueness of the object (historical heritage), comfort and safety.
Проект реставрації «Садиби Міхельсона»
Restoration project
"Michelson Manor"
st. Pushkin 35-37
Land area:
1,15 ha
Total area:
34 741 sq m
Number of buildings:
Number of floors:
Number of apartments:
str. Pushkinskaya 35-37
Benefits project:
Infrastructure: parking, lobby, concierge service 24/7, security 24/7.
Developed social infrastructure.
Enclosed courtyard with an English park, courtyard, walking area.
Premium engineering equipment, autonomous heating, ventilation, air conditioning systems.
Architectural solutions, apartment design, lobby.
A combination of the uniqueness of the object (historical heritage), comfort and safety.
Office rent
Business center "NEST"
Class "C", Kiev, st. Metropolitan Vasily Lipkovsky, 45

The business center with a total area of ​​13,414.9 square meters is located at the intersection of the main transport routes of Kiev, a 15-minute drive from the center of the capital.

The open floor plan allows you to organize the most efficient office placement. Each of them has centralized modern engineering and telecommunication systems.

24-hour security with an individual access system and a professional management system create all the necessary conditions for the comfortable work of tenants. On the inner territory there is an open parking for 90 cars. For office employees and guests, a cafe, a supermarket, an operational printing house, and a bank work in the building.

Vacant premises in the NEST business center are available with an area of ​​31 sq. m. up to 350 sq. m.

Business center on the street Institutskaya, 28
Class "B", Kiev, st. Institutskaya, 28

An office building with an area of ​​5,861 square meters is located in the very center of the capital near the Presidential Administration, the National Bank, Khreshchatyk Street.

The austere appearance is combined with a comfortable layout of offices equipped with modern engineering and telecommunication systems.

24-hour security with an individual access system controls access to the inner territory and security. A professional management company supports the improvement of the green square and picnic area.

The tenants are offered a parking lot with 63 spaces, as well as numerous infrastructure facilities in the immediate vicinity.

The office center has reception rooms for politicians, offices of foreign and Ukrainian companies.

Vacant premises in the business center st. Institutskaya, 28 is available with an area of 91 and ​​130.7 sq.

Business center st. Mikhailovskaya, 12B
Class "C", Kiev, st. Mikhailovskaya, 12B

The office center is located in the historical and business center of Kiev next to the central offices of large companies, prestigious hotels, banks and institutions.

The old building was reconstructed into comfortable office-type offices with a view of the city center and has all the necessary characteristics for an efficient office location.

Vacant premises in the business center st. Mikhailovskaya, 12B is available with an area of 161.65 sq.